We are as much in love with your kitchen,
As you are.

We are people driven by passion. Passion for perfection. For superior quality. For unflinching performance. For the finest finish possible. We wake up dreaming of hinges and corners, nooks and crevices, drawer channels and doors. And we only rest once they have been through the Tiara test.

Tiara has been building world class kitchen products dedicatedly and successfully for nearly a decade now.

We know what is important: first-class materials, talented craftsmanship, technical precision and genuine customer service. We use the finest materials available, carefully selected for their ability to withstand Indian conditions.

Dashrath Patel
CEO - Tiara

German fittings ensure that our products work with supreme efficiency, making each Tiara-made piece a generation product. Functional design is at the heart of our creative process and our years of research into the science of ergonomics helps us tailor-make products that work with you, instead of the other way around.

From the receipt of raw materials to the final assembly, we check and test each step in the creation of every Tiara product. Shelves are tested for carrying capacity. Fittings must pass strict continuous tests. Surfaces are subjected to comprehensive tests for abrasion, light, fastness and resistance to chemicals. Our quality management system monitors and guarantees our consistently high standards.

This is a commitment that continues even when the product is finished. We are committed to creating a relationship of trust with every single customer. Beyond the highly rated designs and custom-made solutions, we offer something that is unique to our customers: the trust and dependability of one of India’s oldest and most innovative kitchen experts.

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Customized service

You can pick and choose from surfaces, materials, technology, appliances and designs to create a product that makes you happy.

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