Great mix of Technolgy, Technocrates
& Skilled workers

The use of a full-cycle process enables Tiara to maintain close control over every step in production, ensuring remarkably accurate execution of appearance and functional details, thereby meeting advanced technological standards.

Established in 2003, our factory is equipped with advanced German equipment and machines - panel saws, spindle moulders, CNCs, thorough feed edge bend machines, hot presses, spraying booths and sanding booths among others - that help us deliver the exacting quality that is a Tiara benchmark. We maintain an exhaustive stock of cutting-edge fittings at our warehouse.

Most Indian manufacturers are into mass volume. We are not a quantity player – we are a quality player.

Paritosh Patel,

Tiara has a long tradition of preparing skilled workers. Along with helping preserve traditional craft skills, we use technological innovation to keep our team on the top of the game. Our dedicated teams for material procurement, design and production, installation and after-sales support are exhaustively trained, blending in inherited traditional knowledge with a thorough understanding of international standards. Exposed to routine training courses, participation in national and international exhibitions and industry meets, as well as driven by a common passion for creating that exquisitely perfect product, our employees are the driving force behind Tiara’s reputation.

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You can pick and choose from surfaces, materials, technology, appliances and designs to create a product that makes you happy.

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